Course calendar

Scheduling on request

Time: 9:00-17:30
Do you want to deep dive into the course? With the Intensive approach you train for multiple days in a row

You may decide to do the exam directly afterwards of plan it yourself at a convenient date

Time: 9:00-17:30
The course can be provided with the focus of one full working day spread over multiple weeks. This will minimum load in time required for projects or operation. You can choose the most convenient day that suits you.
Time: 9:30-13:30
This is the most flexible way of completing the course. Choose your morning half days during the week spread over multiple weeks. This will give minimum load in the time required for projects or operation.
Agile Master31 OCT-01 NOV9:00-17:30
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)21-25 NOV9:00-17:30
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)07-11 NOV9:00-17:30
Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)14-18 NOV9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+31 OCT-04 NOV9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+28 NOV-02 DEC9:00-17:30
ITIL Foundation21-23 NOV9:00-17:30
Leading SAFe Agilist11-12 NOV9:00-17:30
Leading SAFe Agilist25-26 NOV9:00-17:30
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt24-26 NOV9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation02-03 NOV9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation28-29 NOV9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner04-05 NOV9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner30 NOV-01 DEC9:00-17:30
PSM™ I11-12 NOV9:00-17:30
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management18-19 NOV9:00-17:30
SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager16-17 NOV9:00-17:30
SAFe® Scrum Master14-15 NOV9:00-17:30
Scrum Master07-08 NOV9:00-17:30
Scrum Master21-22 NOV9:00-17:30
Scrum Product Owner09-10 NOV9:00-17:30
Scrum Product Owner23-24 NOV9:00-17:30
Agile Master14-15 DEC9:00-17:30
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)12-16 DEC9:00-17:30
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)05-09 DEC9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+28 NOV-02 DEC9:00-17:30
Introduction to CyberSecurity12-13 DEC9:00-17:30
ITIL Foundation21-23 DEC9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation14-15 DEC9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner30 NOV-01 DEC9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner16-17 DEC9:00-17:30
PSM™ I02-03 DEC9:00-17:30
PSM™ I19-20 DEC9:00-17:30
SAFe® for Teams12-13 DEC9:00-17:30
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management09-10 DEC9:00-17:30
SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager07-08 DEC9:00-17:30
SAFe® Scrum Master05-06 DEC9:00-17:30
Agile Master30-31 JAN9:00-17:30
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)02-06 JAN9:00-17:30
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)23-27 JAN9:00-17:30
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)09-13 JAN9:00-17:30
Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)16-20 JAN9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+16-20 JAN9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+30 JAN-03 FEB9:00-17:30
Introduction to CyberSecurity06-07 JAN9:00-17:30
Introduction to CyberSecurity23-24 JAN9:00-17:30
ITIL Foundation23-25 JAN9:00-17:30
Leading SAFe Agilist21-21 JAN9:00-17:30
Leading SAFe Agilist28-28 JAN9:00-17:30
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt16-18 JAN9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation02-03 JAN9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner04-05 JAN9:00-17:30
Project Management Professional®09-13 JAN9:00-17:30
Project Management Professional®30 JAN-03 FEB9:00-17:30
PSM™ I26-27 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® for Teams13-14 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® for Teams27-28 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management11-12 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management25-26 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager09-10 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager23-24 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® Scrum Master06-07 JAN9:00-17:30
SAFe® Scrum Master19-20 JAN9:00-17:30
Scrum Master02-03 JAN9:00-17:30
Scrum Product Owner04-05 JAN9:00-17:30
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)20-24 FEB9:00-17:30
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)06-10 FEB9:00-17:30
Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)13-17 FEB9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+30 JAN-03 FEB9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+27 FEB-03 MAR9:00-17:30
ITIL Foundation20-22 FEB9:00-17:30
Leading SAFe Agilist10-11 FEB9:00-17:30
Leading SAFe Agilist24-25 FEB9:00-17:30
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt23-25 FEB9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation01-02 FEB9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation27-28 FEB9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner03-04 FEB9:00-17:30
Project Management Professional®30 JAN-03 FEB9:00-17:30
Project Management Professional®27 FEB-03 MAR9:00-17:30
PSM™ I10-11 FEB9:00-17:30
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management17-18 FEB9:00-17:30
SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager15-16 FEB9:00-17:30
SAFe® Scrum Master13-14 FEB9:00-17:30
Scrum Master06-07 FEB9:00-17:30
Scrum Master20-21 FEB9:00-17:30
Scrum Product Owner08-09 FEB9:00-17:30
Scrum Product Owner22-23 FEB9:00-17:30
Agile Master15-16 MAR9:00-17:30
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)13-17 MAR9:00-17:30
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)06-10 MAR9:00-17:30
Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)27-31 MAR9:00-17:30
CompTIA Security+27 FEB-03 MAR9:00-17:30
Introduction to CyberSecurity13-14 MAR9:00-17:30
ITIL Foundation22-24 MAR9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation15-16 MAR9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Foundation27-28 MAR9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner01-02 MAR9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner17-18 MAR9:00-17:30
PRINCE2® Practitioner29-30 MAR9:00-17:30
Project Management Professional®27 FEB-03 MAR9:00-17:30
PSM™ I03-04 MAR9:00-17:30
PSM™ I20-21 MAR9:00-17:30
SAFe® for Teams13-14 MAR9:00-17:30
SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management10-11 MAR9:00-17:30
SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager08-09 MAR9:00-17:30
SAFe® Scrum Master06-07 MAR9:00-17:30
The calendar dates are an indication of the courses. Since we provide flexible planning for custom courses for our customers, it is possible that certain dates will change. We will inform you when applicable and we will discuss the options that suits both our needs.