Career Building

Ontwikkeling van ICT en non-ICT professionals

Career Learning Path

Every professional starts his or her career somewhere and at some point in time. No matter what, you will develop yourself. Change is the only constant in life we know. As a professional you want to develop yourself, for the benefit of your personal development and of your company. What field you are in, we have some career development track that help you with this.

Jumpstart courses for Professional Development

  • PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner
  • ITIL
  • Lean SixSigma Green Belt
jumpstart courses

Agile Project Management - Foundation career learning path

  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Product Owner
  • Agile Master
Foundation courses

Agile Project Management - Enterprise career learning path

  • Leading SAFe Agilist
  • SAFe Scrum Master
  • SAFe Product Owner Project Manager
  • SAFe for Teams
  • SAFe Lean Portfolio Management
Enterprise courses

CyberSecurity Professional career learning path

  • Introduction to CyberSecurity
  • CompTIA Security +
  • Certified Ethical hacker (CEH)
  • Certified Information System Security Professonal (CISSP)
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
Cybersecurity courses

Career Development Courses Overview

Jumpstart courses

ITIL® 4 Foundation

ITIL® 4 Foundation is one of the widely-recognized entry-level certification courses provided by AXELOS in the IT Service Management category. With widespread digital transformation, enterprises needed an ITSM framework that took into account the evolving trends in the market. This resulted in the transition from ITIL® V3 to ITIL® 4 which provides a holistic operating model to deliver tech-enabled products services. 

Project in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner)

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments), is a widely used project management method that navigates you through all the essentials for running a successful project. PRINCE2® is a flexible method and is aimed at all types of projects. PRINCE2® is a de facto standard developed and used extensively by the UK government and is widely recognized and used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally. It embodies established and proven best practice in project management.

6sigma green belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The course on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, trains students on the tools and techniques of DMAIC Cycle (Define, Analyze, Improve, Measure, and Control) for the Process Improvement. This course would let you use the MINITAB 16, which helps in analyzing your data with any statistical software. A complete compilation of graphs and statistics give students all the required insight to improve the processes using this Six Sigma Certification.

Agile Project Management - Foundation courses

Scrum Master (SMC)

Scrum is wereldwijd het meest gebruikte framework bij Agile softwareontwikkeling. In tegenstelling tot de eenvoud van het Scrum-framework zelf, is een goede toepassing in de praktijk geen vanzelfsprekendheid. Een van de succesfactoren van Scrum is een goed functionerende Scrum Master.

Scrum Product Owner (SPOC)

Scrum is wereldwijd het meest gebruikte framework bij Agile softwareontwikkeling. In tegenstelling tot de eenvoud van het Scrum-framework zelf, is een goede toepassing in de praktijk geen vanzelfsprekendheid. Een van de succesfactoren van Scrum is een goed functionerende Product Owner.

Agile Master (SAMC)

Scrum is wereldwijd het meest gebruikte framework bij Agile softwareontwikkeling. In tegenstelling tot de eenvoud van het Scrum-framework zelf, is een goede toepassing in de praktijk geen vanzelfsprekendheid. Deze Agile training gaat dieper in op de verschillende aspecten van Agile. Het Agile Manifesto en de verschillende domeinen komen aan bod. De verschillende Agile methodes worden besproken en vergeleken.

Agile Project Management - Enterprise courses

Leading SAFe Agilist

Leading SAFe® Agilist (SAFe® 5 SA)

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) training course, will provide you the knowledge necessary to lead an enterprise-level Agile transformation by ®leveraging SAFe and its underlying principles of Lean thinking and Product Development Flow.

SAFe® 5 Scrum Master (SAFe® 5 SM)

SAFe® 5 Scrum Master (SAFe® 5 SM) is among the top 10 most valuable certifications of Scaled Agile. This SAFe® 5 Scrum Master online virtual training certification program is ideal for you if you want to:

- Gain an understanding of the role of a Scrum Master at a SAFe enterprise-level.

- As a Project Manager, you want to integrate into a SAFe environment, but not sure what kind of role you will play.

- Understand how the software development life cycle and different frameworks work and want to prepare yourself for the next opportunities.

- If you are already experienced as a Scrum Master and want to know, what are SAFe Scrum Master and its role?

SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (SAFe® 5 POPM)

SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager (SAFe® POPM) is a designation offered by the Scaled Agile. SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) is a program that helps you develop the skill sets needed to guide the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise. As a Certified SAFe® POPM professional, you will be able to apply the Lean-Agile mindset, SAFe® principles, and practices in the organization, identifying customer needs, write epics, capabilities, features, and user stories, prioritize work to deliver value to the organization, and so on.

SAFe for Teams (SAFe® 5 SP)

What does it mean to be part of an Agile team on an Agile Release Train (ART) that delivers value to customers? SAFe® for Teams covers the tactical skills to be a high-performing member of an ART. The course also gives you the guidance and tools you need to work effectively in remote environments with distributed teams. Get the most out of your learning experience by taking it in context with your team and other teams on your Agile Release Train.

SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Management (SAFe® 5 LPM)

Certified SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Management is a designation offered by the Scaled Agile. Lean Portfolio Management is applying lean thinking to managing enterprise, program and product portfolios to provide a fast and flexible flow of high-value work.

CyberSecurity Professional courses

Introduction to Cyber Security

Regardless of your computer experience, this class will help you become more aware of technology-related risks and what you can do to protect yourself and your organisation from them.

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; participate in risk mitigation activities; and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

Certified Ethical Hacker

EC-council’s CEH v11 certification training focuses to train aspiring security professionals to gain essential ethical hacking skills with practical implementation of scanning, testing, hacking and securing the systems. The course outcome helps you become a professional who systematically attempts to inspect network infrastructures with the consent of its owner to find security vulnerabilities which a malicious hacker could potentially exploit

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an independent information security certification governed by the not-for-profit International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, (ISC) 2. CISSP certification is not only an objective measure of excellence, but a globally recognized standard of achievement for security training. 

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CSSP)

The CCSP is a globally renowned certification that validates the certification holder’s advanced skills and abilities to design, manage, and protect data, and applications in a cloud environment while adhering to the established practices, policies, and procedures.

CCSP certification course at BJSL aims to provide an in-depth understanding of cloud computing concepts, cloud reference architecture, and cloud computing security concepts. The participants learn to safeguard the critical data assets in a cloud environment and exhibit their competency in implementing cloud security architecture.

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